Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Cravings

I'm getting a little too excited for this weekend because temps are going to drop. I am mentally doing outfits in my mind of what I am going to wear (I know I'm a fashion freak).

Fall Shopping List

1. Black thigh high boots
2. Gray chunky sweater
3. Brown leather shorts
4. Leopard pants
5. Camel cape 
6. Draped Skirt
7. Shearling Jacket
8. Wool thigh high socks
9. Leopard belt 

This will be my fall shopping list. Even thou I don't want to be broke by the end of the month lol, I will try to find some things on ebay and other stuff at the mall. 

Here are some inspiring images for my closet. 

Fun Sweaters

Camel Cape

Thigh high boots + leather shorts 

More leather 


leopard pants 

What items are on your fall shopping list ?? 



Monday, November 1, 2010

Meowww Scarf

Accessories are of the best things to revamp any outfit for a new season. I love the idea of a simple new item can't get you ready for fall. For this fall I'm loving chunky heels, lady like handbags, multiples rings and insect inspired jewelry.

One of my favorites accessory for this fall is the leopard scarf.  Check how this girl's are rocking this trend.

Sorry for the lack of post, I have been so busy.

I finally moved to Miami. 

I miss blogging !!!