Friday, July 16, 2010


Hi Lovers ! For the last three months I have been living in three places at once. Orlando, Sunrise and Miami are my three homes right know and it's crazy.  I have clothing scattered all over the place, when I'm getting dress I always have an item that I am missing because I forgot to pack. Anyways (I wanted to share my frustration) here some of my recent buys.

My loved Orchid 

New Kate Spade flats, they were like $350 and I got them for $100, It was a great deal. 

Skirt fabric

new Zara shoes

Aldo pumps, they are Aldo's best selling shoes. They make feel super tall. 

NARS Funny Face. I got this color yesterday and I'm obsessed. 

These I got about a month ago because they were sold out everywhere. 

Recently I have been putting outfits togethers, in order to not forget anything when I pack.

Tomorrow I'm going to be working at Mercedes Benz Fashion week Miami. I'm so excited and I promise to take lots of pics. 

Happy Friday :)

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