Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Everyday I have little obsession, that I research over and over again, most of the time I don't purchase that obsession. Obsession of the day: Chandeliers. What better way to make a ugly space look classy and fun. I love when people have a modern space pair with a vintage chandelier, these two are a match in heaven for me. I have seen in decor blogs when they do a nursery room with a chandelier, so clever. When I have my own space ( right now I'm renting)  I want a chandelier in every space of my house, bedrooms, kitchen, closets and even my bathroom. Here are a few pics I found today, some beautiful chandeliers for sale and amazing ideas. Enjoy !In the picture above we have a  water pressure crystal chandelier, how lovely in this ? This retails for $4.500.00, you can find this in www.waterpreassurelighting.com

A huge trend right now is having a long dinning room, instead of putting one big chandelier, interior designers are putting two chandeliers at the end, that way the whole tale can have some lighting. What is better than one chandelier ? TWO chandeliers.

I know your thinking that putting chandeliers would be to expensive for you but look at the chandelier above, it retails for $215.99, available in  www.target.com

This chandelier right here is my favorite, I love it and I love it even more when I found it in ebay for $313.49

Chandelier Anyone ?


  1. this last chandelier I used it in a project. Its a polished choice. Enough for a subtle touch of elegance in a residence. ;)
    es preciosa


    metete en esta pagina, modern and affordable lighting fixtures

  2. hola Clau, mira este post que encontre acerca de chandeliers en las cocinas: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/chicago/kitchen/chandeliers-in-the-kitchen-112617
    Me acorde de ti! Besitos xoxo

  3. hahaha gracias girls, meli y mari bellisimos, love ittt !!!