Monday, March 29, 2010

Miami Weekend

Hello Lovers, so I was not sure if I would post outfits that I wore because currently I don't have a good camera and my boyfriend takes very bad pics lol, but then I decided to give it a try, maybe he gets better taking pics and then if the outfit post have a good outcome I would get a nice camera. Here we go.

Blazer : Urban Outfitters
T shirt : F21
Shorts: F21
Leggings: F21
Belt: Hermes
Shoes: BCBG , I got these like four years ago, wearing them again, love the shoe bling

Cardigan: F21
Leotard: F21
Skirt: BCBG
Belt: Hermes
Flats: Lanvin
Bag: Zara

Miami weather was incredible this weekend. I went boating with my boyfriend.

Happy Monday (sorry for the blurry pics )


  1. Wicked cool blog! :)

    love the shoes, I'm from Miami and I miss it..


  2. Thanks a lot, come visit the weather is amazing right now xoxo