Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Feeling ETSY

Hi Guys, as some of you may know I am a big ebay fan, the stuff that I can't get in the stores, I always buy them in ebay. I also sell designer things that I don't use that way I am always updating my closet. Recently I have been obsessed with , they sell handmade, vintage and new goodies that I love. Their vintage furniture sales are incredible.

I came across these Hermes inspired napkins, perfect for a girl's night in.
Set of 4 $26.00 Get them Here

Vintage Alexis Kirk Elephant Belt. I love this, It is in my  want list.
Get It $150.00

I think I finally found the perfect chandelier for my room :)
$375.00 Get It

Want to make a big fashion statement then this is the necklace for you ! Just wear a white tee under.

Get It $138.00


  1. Amazing! Loving the chandelier!

  2. Thank You ! I am loving it too :) xoxo