Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Trend : Socks and Heels

There is a new trend that has been spotted in a lot of runways this year, that I never though would be in fashion again. Wearing socks and heels, it doesn't matter if your shoes are open toe or close, or if the socks are the same color as the heels. Few pics I found about this trend.

Leightoon Meester wearing blacks socks with black heels. She is pulling this off, I would definitely do black on black. 

Louis Vuitton Campaign
Burberry Spring 10

I think I would like to try black heels with some lace socks.

Would you try this trend or not ?


  1. I would totally try this trend, here at SCAD in savannah all the girls use "medias con vuelitos" with mary jane style pumps it looks sooo cute..
    and of course they match it with the cutest flower print dresses

  2. cuteee, me acuerda al colegio las medias con vuelitos hahaha

  3. I was originally really against them but think I might be warming up to them a tiny bit…slowly…